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Our focus is Efficiency

AyniTech started with two goals in mind. First, we want to help your Company make factual data driven decisions and stop the guessing. Second, drive operational efficiency within your Company. With 200 plus Business Intelligence projects under our belt we can help you tie ALL of your systems together into “one single version of the truth”, which will allow you to make Smart and accurate business decisions with data for self-service analytics and management dashboards for your executive team. On the BPO side we can help whether you are looking for application tool support/services, 24/7 Monitoring/Incident Management or Senior .NET/Java developers.

A different perspective

After 30 plus years in the technology industry, we decided to build a company that focused on helping drive operational and analytical efficiency. In the process of doing this, we have seen customer after customer increase their margins through analytics and give back work-life balance to their employees.

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Our Team is our most valuable asset. Our success is built around the individual contribution of each team member. We respect and value all of our people praising cultural diversity, experience and new ideas.

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