The first step in implementing business intelligence solutions is to assure the quality of the information. Only consolidated, standardized, single, consistent information to manage the business succeed. For this reason the process of extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) is essential for building the comprehensive database (data warehouse).

Our ETL and data warehouse solutions cover all these requirements of integrity, exploitation and analysis. We use the best practices warehousing.
We support your company in the design, construction and efficient deployment of data marts or data warehouses. Our expert consultancy - together with knowledge of different methodologies, technologies and tools - allows us to be their strategic partner.

The need

With so much information. Why is it so hard to use?

All agree that information is one of the most important assets of the company, represents the true knowledge and makes the difference between success and failure.

The consolidation of information from different systems is complex. Technology Equipment resort to multiple manual processes that end up taking the wrong time to the end user. Normally, each area has its own interpretation of the data in individual files, which do not coincide with the central systems generate distrust.

By the time they get reports this outdated information, the opportunity for action has passed and the frustration has increased.

In the ideal world all the information is centralized in a single database: Data warehouse. It generates comprehensive, online business vision. It allows "A single version of the truth".

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