The planning and implementation of projects of Business Intelligence or Data warehousing is complex and challenging. Business demands constantly growing, budgets are restricted, risks materialize and eventually evaporates. Our experience allows us to execute corporate BI projects with a global reach with strict controls of time, mitigating risks and maximizing the benefit of business. What makes the difference is the consistent use of field-proven methodology with delivery based on best practices in the industry solutions.

Our implementation methodology incorporates sound knowledge of Project Management - considering the required cultural changes to management with Business Intelligence - with emphasis on knowledge transfer to the client computer to ensure project continuity and sustainability.

The approach is to apply the experience gained in the given field discipline, techniques and tools necessary for the development of new applications and / or business skills. Supports project teams in determining priorities, assigning responsibilities and setting times. At all stages in the pre-defined implementation strategy through the control and allocation of resources to project teams controlling risks.

To do this we consider the following Phases


Create corporate strategy information with a detailed roadmap planning. Define the scope of the indicators to measure within the macro decision-making and identifies the location of the associated data. The ultimate aim is to achieve define the Concept of Management BI concatenated to business processes - optimizing them and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Engineering Data

Defines the detailed business requirements, systems and data. Moves requirements to architecture / engineering model data specified by a detailed description of the design criteria BI system. Build the BI data warehouse together with the ETL (Extraction of Data) needed to extract the variables (indicators) from the systems involved.

Engineering Application

Implements the BI Management Concept for BI platform (Micro Strategy). During the implementation process it interacts with end users to make them aware of the process and train directly (Hands-On Training) on the tool, supporting the transfer of knowledge management with BI.

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