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Business Intelligence is the result of optimizing the management processes of your company through applied technology. At Aynitech, we focus on the management of your enterprise information by helping drive your company's roadmap and by improving decision-making with accurate, consistent and online analytics and reports.

Our Business Analytics Strategy

After 200 successful Business Analytics projects, we base their success on our implementation strategy and planning phase. Goal is to achieve “ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE” with a two-fold process that we like to call the "WHATs and WHYs". First, our implementation due diligence team dives deep into WHAT decisions your Management team wants to make. Second, we dive into your business process to understand WHY things are happening. Finally, we lay out the data in analytics and reports that detail the WHATs and WHYs thus driving your company's roadmap. End results are management dashboards (aimed to simplify decision making) and self-service analytics from Data Warehouse models, thus allowing for future Datamining implementations.

Business Analytics Services

  • Business Intelligence Projects Deployment
  • Analytics and Data warehouse Projects Deployment
  • Data warehouse and Business Intelligence Modelling
  • ETL (Extract Transform and Load) Processes

Why AyniTech for your Business Analytics needs

Technology outsourcing services: Our experience, professionalism, cost, and flexibility are key elements of our service offering.

Multiple BI project implementations: BI is what Aynitech -Peru was founded on. It is our core!

BI Training: During and after implementation. We train multiple groups of users on how to use the tool to its full potential: end users, analytical users and management

Our Business Analytics Partners